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September 9, 2016
Giving Your Messages Sanctuary

Every mind is ready,

Every ear can hear,

Every heart is open . . .

But is your message clear?

We all live in a dark, enclosed space with our only outside contact the tiny electrical impulses transmitted from our body’s sensory resources through billions of wire-like threads of protein to our imprisoned mind. And because the wealth of information available to those corporeal channels is far beyond the capacity of any mind to integrate and incorporate this flood of data, every new piece of information that comes to us must pass an inflexible set of requirements to be granted asylum. Fortunately for those of us whose task it is to encourage our business prospects and vendors and employees and colleagues to consider new courses of action, there are similarities among these seemingly inflexible requirements that make it possible to tailor the messages we formulate and deliver to our audiences that will substantially increase the likelihood of their welcome reception. This presentation will examine one or two of those standards and the requirements for their passage, in the hope that the products or services you have worked so hard to develop will, by these communication adjustments, find sympathetic audiences and, thereby, improve the products and services to which I, as a result of your success, will be given access. As business leaders we reach most of our opinions through involved processes of experimentation, trial and error, failure and thought, a more complex and time consuming process than we realize. And when those carefully developed points of view are mature, they seem to be solid and dependable guiding principles. Of course, we also pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to consider new perspectives – but there is often less pride and more prejudice in that belief. And so, although we can recognize the difficulties we sometimes encounter when we are asked to give up dearly held views and accept new ideas or service alternatives, how tempting it can be to expect our audiences to enthusiastically endorse our plan, buy our product or change the way they conduct their business simply because we tell them it’s better than what they’re doing now. Without a careful consideration of how to get your better idea past those ever vigilant gatekeepers, your efforts will probably receive a bland ‘thank you’ for your trouble and you won’t even know why your admirable plan was given so little consideration. I look forward to the meeting on September 9th. Bob Keiper

About Our Facilitator:  

Bob Keiper

No business talent or skill is more valuable than effective communication.

My 25 years as a coach, speaker and instructor in business communication began with years of experience in professional theater as a writer, actor and director where I learned to captivate and motivate the listeners.
Now, in applying those same skills to business audiences, I know the values presented must be expressed and clarified from the listener’s frame of reference. To be compelling and memorable, the material must be organized to enter the audience’s awareness as a sequential series of logically related conceptual steps, in short in the form known as story.
Most business presentations fail in at least one of these two ways.
Finally, to hold the listener’s unwavering attention, the presenter’s behavior must be authentic and appropriate. 

Contact Information

Bob Keiper

Email: keiper3311@hotmail.com

Register NowIf you have any difficulties registering, please just send an email to: jacklgates@leadershipbreakfast.org and indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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