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October 3, 2014 
Leadership – Extrovert Or Introvert?

In many firms, men and women are promoted to management positions based at least partially, on their personality.  If they are quick to speak up, quick to take action, and good at chatting up a crowd, management sees this as demonstrating leadership ability.  They are the extroverts of the world.  The result is that most managers are extroverts and many, and in some industries most, of the people they are managing are introverts.

The needs and motivations of these two personality types are very different and can come into conflict in workplace leading to hurt feelings, lost motivation, and a tense, unproductive office.

This discussion will cover what it means to be extroverted and introverted, and what each type seeks, and avoids.

We’ll talk about the strengths and weaknesses we’ve seen between them and talk through how those differences can be best used to achieve our goals.  We’ll also share our experiences where the best of management and employee intentions lead to problems in the office and ways we’ve found to avoid them in the future. 

The leadership goal is to get the most out of our team by respecting who we are.

Takeaways from the Session

  • Is an Introverted Leader a paradox of terms?

  •    How best to lead a diverse group

  • Some approaches from experience.

About Our Facilitator:

David Oppenheimer

David Oppenheimer is a technical management consultant, author, speaker and future educator.  He has worked in the software field for over 30 years building systems for commercial and government clients. 

He was a principal and technical director at SRA International where he founded their Knowledge Management practice, headed the R&D division of General Dynamics’ Homeland Security Analytical Systems Group, was CTO of Omnipod, Inc and later VeriFIDES Technology Corporation and is currently the President of Nerd Herder Press.

David has made a career out of bridging the gap between the highly intelligent but socially awkward technology teams and the business world.  He is the author of “The Nerd Whisperer”, a book about how to manage these introverted but brilliant personalities.  

He holds a Bachelors degree in Physics from Hampshire College, a Masters in Engineering Management from the George Washington University, and a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute. 

He lives in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife, Elise (also a Nerd Herder) and is the proud father of Megan who, despite her best intentions, is also in the technology field.  


Contact Information

David Oppenheimer
Nerd Herder Press 

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If you have any difficulties registering, please just send an email to: jacklgates@leadershipbreakfast.org and indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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