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"Doors" Open at 7:15 AM  Friday, December 4th 

Session: 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM

Closing Remarks 8:45 AM - 9:00 AM

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December's LBMD Virtual Monthly Meeting  

Please Note: We continue with virtual meetings to permit folks to continue to gather to share and discuss leadership issues and successful solutions to the changing environment. The COVID-19 Virus remains a challenge for face-to-face meetings and the guidance about proper preventative actions continues to change, and often confuses. With this soupy mix of variables, continuing the meetings in a virtual mode makes sense for now.

As the health situation brightens and plans continue to evolve and expand for businesses phasing back to more normal operations, Shulman Rogers will reopen their offices in a manner to ensure the safety of employees, clients, and guests - they have indicated that the LBMD will be invited return to their wonderful conference center as things normalize once again. To add a bit of stability to
our environment, monthly LBMD meetings will continue 
virtually through the first quarter of 2021, however, we will continue to monitor the changing situation and make appropriate changes toward the "New New Normal".

December 4, 2020

Resiliency in Uncertain Times
    and a New Environment

Old News: The COVID - 19 pandemic has changed how we conduct our daily lives with social 
distancing, masks, sanitizer, restrictive limits, and significantly less face-to-face time for
conversations and visits.

 Encouraging Forecast: Things are moving in a positive direction with several vaccines
looking promising, less invasive testing for evidence of exposure to the virus, as
well as some therapeutic treatment successes which are assisting in the recovery.

How we conduct business and get our jobs done has obviously changed in a dramatic way - ghost-town offices with few staff on site; telecommuting; frequent conference calls, "Zoom" has changed from a description of a fast-moving vehicle to a video meeting platform - and,  Walla, the virtual world is the new reality, and we are learning about effective lighting, adequate audio quality, and the distraction of pets and children unexpectantly 'joining' the meeting.

But we have also discovered the difference between in-person vs. virtual meetings and conducting and coordinating the tasks necessary to make our widgets or guide our clients to achieve their successful results.

This session of the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland will focus on bridging the gap between F-2-F meetings and a virtual setting - as the signs throughout The Tube in London remind us "Mind The Gap"- and using some effective tools you can use to effectively lead your followers virtually.

For the better part of this year, we have been 'getting used to' doing things differently but both productivity and effectiveness have likely suffered during this journey. Most of us have become accepting of the video platform (maybe not liking it, but at a minimum, we can hook up and function). We are more comfortable with the independence of working from home (the commute is wonderful) but miss the camaraderie of others nearby for conversation or as a resource.  

This session will include an interactive small group discussion of what we have personally observed about the 'new reality' and things learned about working in this environment.

Points of Understanding to Take Away

·      Remaining resilient in uncertain times

  ·      Focusing on the most important things -- and not every shiny object
  ·      Creating clarity so everyone in your organization executes on what matters most.
About Our Facilitator:        

Beth Perl Berman

Beth Berman, though quite small, commands the attention of even the toughest room. She is known for her ability to inspire action and change even the most entrenched of organizations.

Beth, an internationally recognized Speaker and Peer Group Facilitator, loves optimizing leaders and teams.

After a successful career in B-to-B Sales and Marketing, managing the company’s most important and most challenging accounts, Beth left to do what she was meant to do – facilitate. As a Partner in a Recruiting firm, she helped her company navigate the 2008 Financial Crisis, pivot to a Resume, Interview and Job Search Coaching firm, and grow, while many other recruiting firms were folding.

In 2011, Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies craft their messaging and align their teams.  As Beth worked with clients, a common theme among the most successful ones emerged: they all used EOS to run their businesses.  Beth has helped a diverse base of small- to mid-sized entrepreneurial companies execute on their goals, realize exceptional results, and create healthy, aligned teams who again enjoy working together.

A Professional EOS® - The Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer, she helps entrepreneurial companies gain the traction needed for growth and scale.  Using this proven system, Beth helps leaders get clear on where they are going; execute on their vision with discipline and accountability; and become healthy, open, cohesive leadership teams. 

Contact Information

Beth Perl Berman

Email: beth@compellications.com

Phone: 240-560-8946

LinkedIn: GrowthDC

Website: www.compellications.com

Potomac, MD and Lewes, DE

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If you have any difficulties registering, please send an email to: 
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This will be a virtual session, due to the restrictions on face-to-face meetings
specified by 
the COVID-19 Virus pandemic protocol.
We will NOT be meeting face-to-face at Shulman Rogers for a few more months.
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Let's take a moment to express support for our friends and colleagues at Shulman Rogers...
We wish them success in returning to a more normal operation while continuing a safe
environment for their staff, clients, and guests. We are looking forward to seeing them in
person again soon.

Our Gracious Host/Sponsor: Shulman Rogers, P.A.

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