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July 12, 2019 

LBMD Shares A Glimpse of What's to Come

We are living in a Jules Verne novel!!!

In his earlier books which introduced a time-traveling device and an undersea vehicle (the Nautilus) doing remarkable things, like making available undersea farming and human mobility at the bottom of the ocean.

Today we are talking about machines (computers) that write their own code, and smart appliances that are capable of determining equipment failure before the fact (and 'print' the new part on a 3D copier, complete with instructions for human installation (or even more advanced - robotics that would undertake the installation task and even dispose of the old component). This is not fantasy fiction - it is reality NOW and working its way into the mainstream.

Now our cars have a sophisticated computer to analyze mechanical and electrical functions of the vehicle. Local governments often require us to go to a center every so many years, pay a fee, and they hook up to the computer to see how well the auto is operating to eliminate/reduce pollution...will they soon simply send us a bill and remotely instruct the car to send the report to the agency - so our only human involvement is paying the bill!!!

Is it true that the test for a driver's license no longer includes demonstrating ability to parallel-park the car because of the pre-programmed function of a driverless parking program?

Sincere talk of not simply visiting Mars, but actually establishing a permanent colony on the planet is beginning to take actionable form - a subtle change of going from 'IF' to 'WHEN' it will happen.

The year 2008 was the onset of the recession and the stark realization that business was continuing to employ people in positions that had grown too large, due to elimination of management-type roles, for the individual to accomplish all their goals, or alternatively continued with little change even though technology was both capable and affordable to do the tasks, EXCEPT for that pesky human who held that role. The recession forced that hand and shocked long-timers when they learned that their years of experience and accomplishment were not easily marketable. Unplanned retirements during the next half decade blossomed prolifically.

Another interesting transformation is occurring in how we do business now. Some of the folks on the unplanned retirement path jumped on to the entrepreneur path and used their skills and experience to hang out a shingle to provide services (and maybe products) through flexible, project-based teams and virtual existence instead of a big building with a big staff who worked on assignments until completed (or canceled) and waited for new assignments from within the big building. This also expanded the talent pool to an international level through technology in computing & simulation, as well as cheap or free communications via the internet.

As a person who is seen as a leader, you have been adapting to the changes necessary to successfully accomplish projects and assignments - from a resource viewpoint (i.e., people), as well as adopting new technology and repurposing some old technology as well. Video conferencing concepts date back to 1870 but became 'popular' in the 1970's with AT&T's static image Picturephone - now we can do impromptu audio and live-action video conference using a smartphone - old technology on a new technology foundation.

We often hear from the various media that AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, and a new business structure will eliminate thousands of jobs. What is missing from the reports is that many new roles will evolve from the changes - jobs that are not even envisioned today will become a significant partner to the technology!!!

Each of us has some ideas, and probably concerns, about how this technology and employment thing will play out.


This month, let's turn loose some of the greatest minds we know to help us visualize the opportunities and changes created by the coming technology and process developments in this new normal environment.

While this conversation will take a path that evolves from the contributions of the folks present, like a full session of interactive idea and knowledge exchange, it will have a loose structure to keep the discussion moving forward.

We are trying this for the first time and I suspect that if all goes well, participants with think it has been a brilliant experience; however, if we don't archive such high praise, it will at least be entertaining!!!

Please come with your crystal ball, an inquiring mind, and some innovative ideas about how all this space-age stuff will affect leadership and management in the near future. You will have an opportunity to receive a certificate of appreciation and Amazon Card for your contributions to the conversation of the morning - just like a facilitator (a drawing of business cards at the conclusion of the session will determine the recipient of the certificate & Card).

See you on this Friday morning...

Register NowIf you have any difficulties registering, please just send an email to: jacklgates@leadershipbreakfast.org and indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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