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August 5, 2016
Winning Leadership: Various Styles That Drive Organization Transformation

In the early 1990's, Frederick Taylor proposed the "One Right Way" to do work effectively for optimal productivity - and this method grew in popularity. Soon the "One Way" idea was applied from the assembly line to the executive suite.

Once the Hawthorne effect of change had lost its sparkle, observers realized that the "One Way" worked well for some applications and not well for others.

Especially when applied to leaders in their roles - since most organizations, markets, customers, and required resources are quite varied, logic points away from a “One Right Way" approach.

Leaders are as varied as the leadership situations they are responsible for. Winning Leaders - those who succeed in establishing, growing, and capturing market share - may be described in about a half dozen descriptive categories or styles.

This interactive session will have us examine a few of these styles, and will overlay the effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence as a tool to aid in the transformation, and subsequent leadership, of the organization.

Takeaways from the Session

The discussion should be lively and you will walk away with:

  • Primary styles winning leaders tend to adopt
  • What role Emotional Intelligence plays in a leader's effectiveness
  • Some notable examples of winning leaders for the styles discussed.

About Our Facilitator:  

Art Medici


Art Medici has a diverse background as an executive leader in e-commerce, high tech, telecom and information companies. His experience spans startups, high growth small/mid cap firms and global leaders like Thomson Reuters and IBM.

As an operating executive, he has assembled top management teams, then mentored and motivated them to significant accomplishments. He has served on boards of directors, including NavTech GPS, Comtech, 1Efficiency, ICC and Logilent.

Art advises government contractors on taking advantage of that industry's rapid transition and consolidation trend. At Comtech, an IT provider to numerous government agencies, Art worked with the management team to build alliances that drove new business and increased revenue.

In the e-commerce space, as Director, CEO, COO of ICC, he completed four acquisitions and drove revenue from $20M to $90M while raising the share price significantly. He has helped to shepherd family businesses through generational transfer while positioning them for continuing growth.

Earlier in his career, as US SVP of Marketing at $12B Cable & Wireless PLC, Art was responsible for growth by building alliances with Cisco and IBM among others as well as new product development for the ISP service acquired from WorldCom/MCI.

Currently, Art is a partner with the Newport Board Group, an advisory firm that works with CEOs and Boards to help them move their firms from No Man’s Land by accelerating growth and preparing for exit.

Contact Information

Art Medici


Phone: 703 217 1948

Register NowIf you have any difficulties registering, please just send an email to: jacklgates@leadershipbreakfast.org and indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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