About LBMD

The Leadership Breakfast of Maryland (LBMD) is a forum for the continuing development of the skills and practices of leadership through group and individual discussion of topics and sharing of experiences. A subject matter expert leads a session each month to prompt interactive dialogs and extend learning. The topics are facilitated to ‘tap the knowledge in the room’ through comments and contributions based on the participants’ experience in leadership roles.

The Leadership Breakfast of Maryland was launched in February 2008 in an ice storm with 35 attendees. The group has met monthly since that date first at Norbeck Country Club in Olney through 2009, and then graciously hosted at Chef Tony’s in Bethesda since early 2010. As the group has evolved, it has expanded to our venue courtesy of the generosity and leadership of Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy, and Ecker, P.A.  Attendance varies from 40 to 60 participants per meeting. Each meeting begins promptly at 7:30 AM and ends promptly at 8:45 AM.  Registration begins at 7:00 AM, and participants are invited to stay and discuss the session and mingle until 9:30 AM.

Severe weather policy for LBMD: We are governed by the Shulman Rogers' weather closing policy - which is on a case by case basis. If Shulman Rogers is closed the LBMD will send out an early email to alert registered attendees of the closure and meeting cancellation.  Please use your own discretion about weather and road conditions and do not travel if you do not feel safe or comfortable in doing so. 

Attendance and membership is by invitation. More information may be found at the Membership link to the left.