Alan Croll Award

On January 25, 2013, Alan Croll was presented an Award of Excellence for his leadership and contributions to the continuing 19-year success of the Leadership Breakfast - Reston. Text of the presentation and pictures of the event are included below.




1998 – 2013

Jerry Marterella, Alan Croll and Rob Rhode founded The Leadership Breakfast in 1998 as a way to continue leadership development by executive leaders learning from each other.

Their Leadership Breakfast model would have:

  • Content rich monthly one hour sessions on leadership that would start on-time and end on-time.

  • There would be no officers and no fees. The price of admission would be for session attendees to volunteer to speak on leadership at a future session.

  • Sponsors to furnish refreshments and facilities for the sessions would also be encouraged from session attendees.

  • Session attendees would be encouraged to invite other executive leaders to attend future sessions as their guest to share this development opportunity.

In July 2013, The Leadership Breakfast will celebrate 15 years of success with the following results achieved to date:

  • 174 sessions have been held.

  • 55+ average attendance/session.

  • Over 10,000 attendees

  • 1,300 subscribers on current electronic mailing list.

Our friend, Jerry Marterella passed away in April 2012 and Rob Rhode also retired and relocated to the Richmond area in 2012. Fortunately, Jerry’s son, Eric, has joined Alan to keep the Leadership Breakfast robust and growing with excellent speakers, sponsors and facilities.

It is our purpose today to emphasize the invaluable contribution that Alan Croll makes to the Leadership Breakfast’s continued success. His passion for quality and integrity in leadership has enabled the Leadership Breakfast to remain robust and growing in spite of significant CHANGE, both internal and external, all around us. This sustainability is in no small part due to Alan’s effective leadership and commitment. As is often said, “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team”.

The eagle symbol represents the vision and strength of your unselfish efforts that have benefited all of us. Alan, may you display with pride this Award of Excellence as recognition of our sincere appreciation for your demonstrated leadership success.

Slideshow Highlights of Event

Alan Croll Presentation