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February 5, 2021

Why the Science of Happiness Matters to an Organization’s Bottom Line

Understanding the Science of Happiness has a direct correlation to leadership.  

It takes emotionally intelligent and mindful leaders to foster authentic and positive relationships with employees and customers.  

Happy employees and customers lead to a better bottom line for an organization – and the silver lining – knowing more about the Science of Happiness can result in leaders themselves having a happier and more fulfilled life.

Science has shown that having happy employees results in employees who work harder, work better, and increase an organization’s productivity.  

Having happy and satisfied customers increases customer loyalty, attracts new customers, and creates a key differentiator against competitors who don’t value their customer’s overall happiness. 

Successful leaders throughout history have risen to the occasion to spread happiness, hope, and even laughter.  

Napoleon Bonaparte said “A leader is a dealer in hope,” and entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie said “There is little success where there is little laughter.” 

In this highly interactive session, we will take a deeper look at what are the root causes of happiness for ourselves, our employees, and our customers. 

Culling from experiments over the last 21 years, participants will learn about happiness – including happiness set points, the art of gratitude, practicing acts of kindness, goal setting, and the power of social connections.

Points of Understanding to Take Away


What happiness means, how it is measured, and why it should matter to you as a business leader
  ·      Learn practices from the science of Positive Psychology to increase your own happiness and foster it in your employees and customers
  ·     Learn what others, from Buddhist monks to economists, are saying about the importance of happiness to our overall health and wellness  

About Our Facilitator:    
Julia Loughran (and Chase) 

Julia Loughran was the President and Owner of ThoughtLink, Inc., a Vienna, VA-based company with extensive experience in helping government and commercial organizations use information technologies to increase productivity for individuals, organizations, and teams – particularly organizations and teams not physically located together.  

After 15 years in the mainly government contracting arena (1997-2012), Julia took the company in a new direction, transitioning ThoughtLink as a Life Coaching company for young adults from 2012-2017. 

Today, Julia is busy with her new role as CEO of her own life where she is living the dream with her husband of 36 years.  

She splits her time between a home at Smith Mountain Lake in Southeast Virginia and Asheville, North Carolina.  

Julia helps her husband with his non-profit, Wings of Appreciation, and she teaches at UNC-Asheville’s College for Seniors.  

Some of her courses include: Getting the most from Travel Apps, the Science of Happiness and the Science of Sleep.

Contact Information

Julia Loughran

Email: loughran@thoughtlink.com

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