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May 3, 2019 

The Hitchhiker's Guide

 to Uncertainty

Our feelings often lead us to the temptation to believe that there's nothing we can do about the future.  

Yet we go through much of our lives and careers where our plans for the future work rather well.  

Are these times more uncertain, or can we rely on our habits to get us through the next few years?

Maybe all we need is a few little tweaks to get a better handle on our situations, and gain a sense of control as we move into the future.  

Dr. Tom Meylan has identified a few basic questions, often applied during the NASA mission for which he worked, that we can use to build certainty into our path to the future:

Take-Aways From This Session:
Here are questions to help bring clarity to planning for the future  

  • What do you actually know about the future?  
  • What can you actually control about the future?  
  • What do you really want to happen in the future?

After a few opening remarks on how to use these questions, participants will be guided into applying them to business issues that they currently face.  

The point isn't to get absolute predictions, but rather to reduce the number of likely outcomes and build the amount of lead time you need to prepare for them.

About Our Facilitator: 

Tom Meylan
Thomas Meylan, Ph.D. is an astrophysicist who operated a major research center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, then moved into large system integration in the private sector.  

He built customer support systems for Verizon, and did large-scale project recovery for Carefirst and Montgomery Ward.  

Tom is currently publishing self-help ebooks for gifted kids through Digital Clones, Inc., and provides a variety of business planning and operations improvement services to entrepreneurial IT companies.

Contact Information:
Tom Meylan

Register NowIf you have any difficulties registering, please just send an email to: and indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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