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January 10, 2020

The BOLD Speak Leader

Where would your business (or your client’s business) be if the staff could:

  • Increase Their Impact
  • Advance the Organization’s Purpose

  • Sell More Products

  • Lead with More Conviction

  • Engage Their Teams

  • Perfect Their CHANGEspeak

  • Show Newfound Confidence?

The BOLD Speak Leader can deliver all of those outcomes. Researchers say it’s not only WHAT you say, but HOW you say it that matters.

To be a BOLD Speak Leader:

  1. You are BELIEVABLE. I once interviewed Dolly Parton and she told me that she “invented” the character with wigs, fingernails, and whatever else. She wanted to make a mark to send money home to her very poor community. In spite of all the razzle-dazzle, she knows who she is, what she’s doing, and why she’s doing it. When you stand in front of your staff with a request or a motivational moment, you need to be Dolly Parton Believable.

  2. You are ON -TARGET. We spend all of our time focusing on the words WE are going to say. What about focusing on what our audience HEARS, as we speak? Will they hear our message the same way we intended it, or will it just be adding another request to an already overworked team? What can you say that is designed specifically to lift your team UP from the daily grind. That will be ON-Target speaking that will make them want to listen.

  3. BOLD Speak Leaders are LIKEABLE. Why is it so important and not just shallow to be likable? Your listeners make up their minds about you in 9 seconds! If they don’t like you, they flip the remote to another channel in their minds. Your body language can help immensely with your likability factor. If your gestures are open and warm, inclusive and humble, even the toughest message can be more likable.

  4. You are DARING in the sense of being valiant and heroic. You are sticking your neck out for them! You are offering to be their advocate, even when they know what you are saying may not be possible – YET! You are going to work for them in the face of many obstacles – cut budgets, smaller staffs, long hours. You are daring to fight for their needs.

The best news? You can model the BOLD Speak Leader for your staff. The CEO of the largest company of its kind in the lower 48, said, “Bold Speaking helped change the culture of our company. We speak like leaders. Now our team can follow.”

Takeaways from the Session

  • How Bold Speaking yields Bold Hearing
  • The Bold Speak Leader helps others better achieve their potential
  • Bold Speak Leadership is not limited to just brash, outgoing, “life of the party” individuals.

About Our Facilitator:

Jan Fox
Fox Talks

Jan Fox’s 4 EMMY AWARDS attests to her stellar 25 + year career as an Anchor/Reporter on local network news. But don’t ask her where she went to Journalism School. She’ll answer, “I LOVE LUCY!”


Jan likes to say she came from an old house in Shelbyville, Indiana, all the way to the White House and Hollywood, interviewing many celebrities and US Presidents. This is a life she never could have imagined. Her personal story makes you laugh, cry, and commit to the impossible.


Jan earned 3 Emmys at WUSA TV9, CBS, in Washington, DC. At the NBC station in Portland, ME, Jan helped the news ratings jump from # 2 to # 1, with a huge 51% market share! A Portland News Director recently said, “Jan Fox is revered in Portland in perpetuity. She took the station from #2 to #1 back in 1986, and we never looked back!”

In Boston at ABC, she hosted an Emmy Award Winning talk show.


Invitations to speak and coach kept coming, so Jan started her business: Fox Talks. She teaches CEOs, Business Leaders, Entrepreneur Groups, and Sales Teams to speak to their fullest potential.


Jan has keynoted and trained at many government agencies, plus Marriott, Verizon, ACCENTURE/Agilex, Billy Casper Golf, U.S. Coast Guard, DC Board of Trade, Vistage, SYMANTEC, Citrix, American Translators Association, National Association of Professional Organizers, National Association of Pet Cemetery and Crematoria Owners. She only has goldfish!

She has coached more than 35 TEDx Speakers and dozens of CEOs and Managers.


Jan has received many Civic and Media Awards: Best National Consumer Affairs Reporter of the Year - American Cancer Society Vision Award - Toastmasters Communications and Leadership Award - Virginia Governor’s Safety Award - NSA DC Member of the Year.

Jan holds an M.ED. from Lesley University, where she also directed and taught in the Graduate Teacher Outreach Program.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, serving on the board of the DC Chapter for 2 years, and sits on the Women in Business Advisory Board at George Mason University.

Contact Information

Jan Fox

Fox Talks

Email: jan@foxtalks.com

Phone: 202-302-1241


Register Now

If you have any difficulties registering, please send an email to:
Indicate your plans (attend or not), and your name and organization
as you wish it to be shown on your name badge at the meeting.


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