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July's LBMD Virtual Monthly Meeting  

Please Note: As the health situation brightens and plans continue to evolve and expand for businesses phasing back to more normal operations, Shulman Rogers is reopening their offices in a manner to ensure the safety for employees, clients, and guests. To add a bit of stability to our environment, virtual monthly LBMD meetings will continue through September 11th, however, we will continue to monitor the changing situation and make appropriate changes toward the "New Normal").

July 10, 2020

How to Prepare For and Respond To A Pandemic or Other Crisis

This virtual program is about the best practices to prepare for and respond to any business crisis.

We have been engrossed in 'learning while doing' since early this year with the onset of the Virus Pandemic and have seen first-hand both confusion and success as the knowledge about the virus developed and the guidelines were 'tested' for effectiveness over a period of time.

Many (or most?) businesses are in crisis mode trying to coming from lockdown to a phased opening, and many will never recover.

As noted below, Edward Segal is a crisis management expert and will be facilitating this session of the LBMD about addressing a business crisis.
Participants will receive a crisis management plan template they can later customize for their company or organization and will be the basis of the morning break-out session.

Here is how the session will flow:
Best Practices for Preparing for a Crisis 
Breakout Session/Exercise
o Each Zoom room will receive a brief
    worst-case crisis scenario
o Attendees will be asked to report back
   to the group how they responded to
Large group discussion
o At the end of the breakout session, a 
   representative of each Zoom room will 
   be asked to briefly describe how they 
   responded to their scenario

About Our Facilitator:   
Edward Segal is a crisis management expert, consultant, and author of the recently published
book on crisis management — Crisis Ahead: 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from
Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies (Nicholas Brealey).                    (click the book to see the sharks circle in a feeding frenzy)

He has been featured in Fast Company, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and a variety of industry trade publications. 

Segal hosts the weekly Crisis Ahead podcast that examines how companies and organizations in the news are dealing with a crisis.

Segal has 30+ years of experience helping employers and clients prevent, respond to, manage, and recover from a variety of crisis situations. 

Contact Information:
Edward Segal
Phone:     415-218-8600

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If you have any difficulties registering, please send an email to: 
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This will be a virtual session, due to the restrictions on face-to-face meetings
specified by 
the Wuhan Virus pandemic protocol.
We will NOT be meeting face-to-face at Shulman Rogers for a few more months.
This meeting will be hosted on the Zoom Video platform and you will receive an
invitation link by email to the Zoom-hosted meeting after you register via the
Blue Button "Register" above.
Due to the need to distribute the link so you may enter the meeting,
REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT 9:00 PM on Thursday evening.
- participation by individuals who want to drop-in, or are 
unregistered, is not possible
  for these virtual meetings.

Let's take a moment to remember our friends and colleagues at Shulman Rogers...
We wish them safe travels during this unsettling time and look forward to seeing them
 once again when the virus is behind us.

Our Gracious Host/Sponsor: Shulman Rogers, P.A.

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