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July 9, 2021

What Do Teamwork And A Hand in Poker Have In Common? Drawing Cards May Improve The Hand Or You May Need To Play What You Have.

Celebrating the Independence Day Holiday is behind us, the cookouts with family, friends, and the beloved pets are but a fond memory, the spectacular displays of fireworks were a pleasant visual image, and things are returning to almost normal again for the 4th of July.

And, of course, all these activities bring to mind…Leadership (well maybe not directly, but the 4th did result in shifting our LBMD Meeting to the second Friday after all).

To permit all the celebration, outdoor eating, choreographed pyrotechnic displays, and the familiar feeling of past year’s get-togethers required Teamwork…and to have an effective functioning team needs the touch of the leader to articulate the goal, compile the proper collection of talent, and make sure the resources and material arrive when needed.

Teamwork, when described in a book, blog, or article, seems pretty straightforward, and the concepts of complementary skills and working together are logical, sound principles for accomplishing group tasks – however, many teams have elements of incompatibility due to a single factor.

Teams are made up of individuals…people with their own personalities, drives, foibles, and level of commitment – which influence the functioning of the team in accomplishing its goal in a timely and successful manner.

We all have had or know of team members we wish we could clone – they think like owners, rather than folks we rent time from – they see a task that needs to be done and they are on it! In our dreams, we’d love to have an entire team of these individuals.

We probably also know of team members we wish worked for our competition (not really but it is an entertaining thought) – they are a drag on the progress of the project - getting things wrong, charging off in an opposite direction, or debating & offering all kinds of alternatives on how to complete the tasks without any actual work toward doing so.

There are other characteristics of team members that fall in between the two described above – the person who when they are working well is a blessing, but that may be only 25% of the time, or the individual who does make a sound contribution but at a cost of dragging on the progress of the project – like a person who is very good assembling complex components without errors or malfunctions, but it takes them 3X the typical time to do so.

The session this month will be a discussion of teamwork in two parts – after watching a brief video about a philosophy of working together for personal and mutual benefit, we will have a discussion in the full session about the concepts showcased in the video.

Bring your popcorn, ‘cause there’s another video to enjoy…this one is about the various ‘members’ of a team – it is a short, animated piece with most of the recognizable characters we may have on a team. Following the video, we’ll get into groups, go off to the breakout rooms for small group chats about how to lead these individuals (one character per room).

After the small group sessions, we’ll reconvene in the main room and compare notes.

In closing, let’s see what we may have discovered from these two looks at Teamwork from the leader’s perspective.

And what might we use at 10:00AM Friday morning?

Should be both fun and interesting, and if not (hopefully not an issue), you will have spent quality time with some truly accomplished and wonderful individuals at the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland!!!

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