Membership & Annual Fee

Attendance and membership with the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland is by invitation from a current member. Members pay an annual fee for meeting and operating expenses, which is collected when an individual is invited to become a member of the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland (LBMD) and upon renewal in the Fall for the coming year. The annual fee applies to the 12-month calendar year. The current amount is $60 per individual member ($30 for individuals joining after the July meeting).

Members are encouraged to invite others who are experienced leaders who can add to the conversation and shared learning at the meetings with ideas, diversity, and energy. An individual may come as an invited guest to one meeting during a 12-month period. To attend further meetings, the guest can contact Jack Gates ( or the member who invited them to join the LBMD. [Please note: A guest may not invite another guest to a meeting]

The annual fee is used to fund operational needs, such as supplies, facilitator expenses (such as: materials; a modest token of appreciation), and other related direct costs.

Member benefits include:

  • Attending monthly LBMD meetings

  • Can invite guests at no charge to monthly LBMD meetings (must complete guest registration)

  • Can recommend individuals for LBMD membership

  • Charter Members (individuals who became a member by October 1, 2011) have additional privileges: delay in any annual fee increase, 'Charter Member' on their name badge, flexibility with invited guests.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland. Your participation is an important element of the success of each meeting.

Background About Membership in LBMD

In January, 2011, the Advisory Board surveyed the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland participants and the results indicated support for adding a fee for membership to pay costs of meetings, supplies, and other direct expenses.  

Beginning with each plan year of the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland, the membership fee is due for the coming year. It is payable in advance via PayPal (PayPal Account is:, by check, or in person by major credit card. Individuals who paid the membership fee before October 1, 2011 are designated as Charter Members.

The Leadership Breakfast of Maryland welcomes the inclusion of other leaders into our group who can add ideas, diversity, and energy. Members who know a potential member for the LBMD, are encouraged to invite them to a meeting to see what the LBMD is all about.. Each member may bring their guest to the monthly meeting at no cost – register your guest on the registration page of the website prior to the meeting. Please note that each guest may come to no more than one meeting per year as a guest, and, for fairness to existing members, a guest is not permitted to invite a guest.

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