Preview a Session

We have a great time learning together.  We recorded a representative session presented by one of our advisers, Ian Cook.  Ian's presentation was split into three videos merely for technical convenience.  Taken together, the three video clips are a real-time recording of what typically goes on at a Leadership Breakfast of Maryland session.  This is what our membership gets to experience once each month, usually the morning of the first Friday of each month.

In addition, these clips provide the pattern or template of the programs presenters should provide.  If you are being considered as a presenter, your program should be a facilitated learning experience with time built in for extensive small group interaction.  Ian's program provides an excellent example of this mix of content input and small group learning opportunities.

Become a Member - Become a Presenter
The following link will take you to the Youtube playlist, where you can simply let the videos play back-to-back and get the full sense of the real time presentation experience.